About Us 

Chez Spencer is a restaurant that was planned and built by Caesar Spencer in memory of his late wife Chelsey or Chez. She died in 1995 without succeeding in her dream of building her own restaurant. So it was her loving husband who saw the fruition of her dreams for her. 


The Chez Spencer restaurant is built with the characteristics of Chez in mind. She exudes a love for fun and excitement during her time and a sophistication and grace that rivaled the royalties. This was what Caesar wanted this restaurant to be. As such, this plan was put into place with the help of expert decorators which were commissioned from Europe.  


Many of the furniture that made up the whole restaurant was shipped from Italy. They were handpicked by Caesar himself for a more personal touch. The colors were coordinated to incorporate a modern touch but the place still retained a timeless quality in it. The only challenge they found in building this restaurant is in making it distinct from the usual but fun and exciting at the same time. They thought of games that would appeal to the adult but would be fun nonetheless. So board games became an addition.  


Chez Spencer restaurant has been Caesar’s baby since the time the plan about it came to be. His dedication to his wife’s memories was what fueled him to be victorious of all the challenges that came his way. Although he had others, you can find him frequenting this place more than the others. You may even see him serving patrons from time to time. He loves to be behind the bar mixing drinks and mingling with his customers as the night grows old. But mind you, you won’t easily recognized him as an owner because he dresses up in uniforms like the others. But one thing that sets him apart from his staff is his frequent glance to the portrait that was hung behind the bar, and the pocketwatch he always rubs with his right hand. 


Come and visit Chez Spencer today.