This restaurant is a good hangout place. We frequent this since it was built and until now, we never get tired of the things it offers. When we thought that we have it all figured out, they are going to find a new thing to make customers happy. Whether it is just a new board game, a puzzle, a nice freebie with the food you ordered – name it, they give it to you. This is a really homey place that gives you utmost fun and relaxation.  




We came here for the first time last week and gahhh, super loved the place. We had a great night and not just because me and my friends were together, but we the super fun board games this bar and restaurant have. We played beer pong with other customers. Although we got defeated at the end of the night, we still had fun. We even managed to make some friends with these guys. This place is really so hot! 




The food at this restaurant is very delicious. It would make you order dishes after dishes of delicious food. I especially love how they cooked the steak. They used some spices that created a nice aftertaste. Not only that, their loaded nachos are to die for. I don’t know how they do it but their food is created with a nice twist. They are very appealing that you are going to be obsessed with it. 




This place has been the talk of the town of the late. It was the first time that I actually managed to convince my parents to visit this for a family night and everybody was never happier. It was already too long since we last played a board game and this restaurant immediately assist that. We are already planning to come back for the next family outing here.